JCM consults on historic Dunkin’ Donuts transaction in Chicago, IL

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January 2018
JCM consults on historic Dunkin' Donuts transaction in Chicago, IL.

Joyal Capital Management Franchise Development records the single largest sale of a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee-owned network in the firm’s 30-year history.

JCM Franchise Development, LLC (JCMFD) is pleased to announce the successful closing of the single largest sale of a Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins franchised network ever recorded at Joyal Capital Management.

JCMFD was able to deploy its entire suite of sell-side consulting services to their client, who is a long-time Dunkin’ franchisee in greater Chicago, on the sale of the 67-store network and corresponding SDA. Over the course of five separate closings which involved seven purchasing groups, JCMFD was able to lead the facilitation, coordination and closing of a very complex transaction while ultimately providing a seamless transition among all parties.

In preparing the due diligence and offering materials needed to go to the market, JCMFD proved to be a significant resource to the buyers through the consolidation of a tremendous amount of raw data that speaks to the scale of this transaction. JCMFD also leveraged its extensive knowledge of the Dunkin’ franchisee landscape to ensure that the potential buyers had the experience and resources to thrive within the Dunkin’ brand throughout the Chicago region.

Additionally, JCM Finance sourced qualified lenders within its network of financial institutions to provide a conduit for potential buyers to accept the necessary credit for a portion of the stores being purchased.

“We are extremely proud to be part of this historic transaction for our Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee client and moreover, to be able to demonstrate the various unique offerings our firm affords the QSR space. This was frankly a very complex transaction with many moving parts that demanded excellence in coordination and deliverables. The results of my team satisfying these demands are extraordinary, yielding the largest aggregate transaction value ever realized for a Dunkin’ Donuts network at JCM. I look forward to other opportunities like Chicago where we can also add value through our expertise and knowledge in being able to successfully bring buyers and sellers in the QSR space together.”

– Gary F. Joyal, CEO and Managing Partner, Joyal Capital Management, LLC

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