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JCM Finance, LLC

In response to an increased demand for the funding of real property refinancing and acquisitions and these visionary business ideals led to the formation of JCM Finance, LLC; a subsidiary of Joyal Capital Management, LLC. The company achieved a reduction in turn around times for finance approvals, and opened a pipeline of creative finance options for small businesses by entering into a strategic business relationship with a Boston-based bank and trust that offers a complete suite of banking and finance options.

Using a combination of debt, equity and mezzanine financing we take a solutions based approach to each and every application that comes into our firm. Understanding the immense variation from one loan to the next, our main focus is to configure specialized terms that fit the unique needs of our clients.

Since inception we have helped arrange over $1.25 billion of new commercial loans for our clients. We have helped clients across the entire east coast finance their business needs and continue to expand our lending territories to accommodate their growth.

Our services include:
  • New development financing
  • Commercial real estate debt restructure
  • Franchise cash flow lending
  • Acquisition financing
  • Remodel loans
  • Credit lines
  • Construction financing